Victoria Falls is Not Dry

8 Jan 2020 | News

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Victoria Falls is Flowing

Contrary to recent scaremongering, Victoria Falls remains an abundant and flowing natural phenomenon, Matetsi Victoria Falls is able to confirm.

Victoria Falls News

Despite some images showing sections of the Falls at their periodic lowest being used out of context, travellers can be confident that this is a natural occurrence at certain times of the year, with levels of rainfall rising and falling seasonally. Now, as the seasons turn and mid-summer approaches, the flow begins to return to its peak.

There is always water flowing on the Zimbabwean side of the falls as is stands lower than the Zambian and is therefore the best part to visit during these seasonal lows.

Visit Victoria Falls in all Seasons

There are benefits to visiting in all seasons for example, the Devil’s Pool experience is only accessible in lower water and white-water rafting operates only in low to mid water season.

Boasting a private 15 km stretch of the spectacular Zambezi River and its own 55,000-hectare private wildlife conservation area, the exclusive Matetsi Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s most stylish luxury lodges. The family owners have combined their experience in luxury hospitality with their passion for conservation to create an offering that showcases the rich and varied beauty of Zimbabwe, from its people through to its wildlife in this magnificent African wilderness.

Unique River Experience

The property is unparalleled for its unique river experiences, proximity to Victoria Falls – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven natural wonders of the world – outstanding cuisine, and incredible safari experiences.

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