Tswalu Kalahari Safari Experience

15 Apr 2020 | News

Tswalu Kalahari Safari Experience

A true safari is a journey…

It originated from the Arabic word “safara”, meaning “journey / to travel”. It then made its way into East Africa with the Swahili revision of the verb “kusafiri” being converted to the noun “safari”, and it is believed that Sir Richard Francis Burton, the British explorer, introduced the word “safari” into the English language in 1860.

From day one, it’s apparent that a safari is a journey – a discovery into an incredible wilderness region populated by the flora and fauna indigenous to that region. The African safari experience should never be governed by how many guests can see the most game in the shortest time possible, as this raises the eternal question – by doing this what is the cost to the environment? Fortunately Africa is home to a wealth of passionate guides committed to the sixth century belief that a safari is an expedition – a way of showcasing our incredible continent to guests looking for a responsible sense of adventure, and being cognizant of our footprint…

Tswalu Kalahari Safari Experience

Low Impact Exploration

Tswalu’s dedicated team of professional guides and trackers are committed to our ethos of low impact exploration. Deirdre Opie, Tswalu’s safari manager, believes that “at Tswalu, the beauty lies in the landscapes and the uniquely adapted creatures which we find here. You get a true sense of wilderness, peace and tranquillity”.

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Tswalu’s ecotourism ventures have a notably low ecological impact while also contributing significantly to the sustainability of the reserve and the achievement of its conservation goals. It’s a journey of discovery and intrigue and with all bookings receiving their own private vehicle, guests enjoy the “safara” at their own pace, and in their own time. Each and every Tswalu guide and tracker believes that by remaining honest to our guiding principles, we deliver a safari experience of startling authenticity.

Tswalu lets you reconnect with the richness of the earth. It offers an escape to a place that’s governed by the ancient rhythms of the seasons, rather than the clock and the calendar. The cool breeze carries both myths and promises – by making good on them we can fulfil our founding family’s vision of restoring the natural environment and empowering people.

This is the spirit of Tswalu…..

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