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8 Jan 2020 | News

Luxury Travel Marketing - Time + Tide Africa

Quite a Journey

We have been on quite a journey over the last 69 years…from our beginnings in 1950 when Norman Carr started the first photographic safaris in Zambia, to more recent decades, with the involvement of Thierry Dalais and his family and our expansion into remote Western Zambia and the islands around Madagascar.

Over the years we are proud to have evolved from our Zambian safari roots, to span two countries and four regions; still family owned and passionate about the extraordinary wildlife and wildness areas we help protect. We have dreams to venture to other remote destinations in Africa and continue our philosophy of long term sustainability and conservation through tourism.

Our New CEO

As we grow, it’s our pleasure to welcome onboard new CEO, Bruce Simpson, to help guide our teams to deliver impact-driven solutions for our brand, partners and local communities.

As you may already know, Bruce has had 27 years in the travel industry, starting as a guide at Singita and, immediately before joining us, as MD of North Island in Seychelles. Bruce’s career has seen him manage both Wilderness Botswana and Wilderness Namibia as well as been group development executive for Wilderness Safaris.

Bruce started this week and I asked him to share some of the reasons he chose to join TIME + TIDE. Please click below for his 60 second introduction.

The journey continues…

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